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Introducing Tramigo

The World’s Best-Selling GPS/GSM Vehicle Tracker.


The T23 Fleet can be used in any vehicle – motorcycles included. Our GPS trackers are built to last, with an estimated lifespan of 8+ years. Backed with more than 10 years of R&D, Tramigo is the most comprehensive GPS/GSM tracker on the market for the most demanding tracking and security needs.
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Vehicle & Asset Tracking Without Monthly Fees.
Every purchase of your T23 tracker comes bundled with all software applications and installation.
SCS Group is currently offering three modes of payment.
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The Need for Vehicle Trackers

In the year 2015, a total of 10,039 car thefts have been reported in the Philippines. That’s more than 27 cars stolen per day and 80% of those, or 22 cars per day, occurred in Metro Manila. A grim reality that involves one of your hard earned investments.
Source: The Philippine Star | Top Gear

Protect your assets with the help of Tramigo, the most advanced GPS/GSM Tracker on the market.

Tramigo’s function does not stop at just securing your vehicle.
Learn more how Tramigo’s multiple features benefit both individual vehicles and fleets alike.
Individual UseFleet Management

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Smartphone, Tablet, and PC software to track your Tramigos Anywhere, Anytime

Easily track your vehicle / fleet with our FREE application available for iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Java, and Symbian.

Why Tramigo?


Other trackers give you numbers.
Tramigo GPS/GSM T23 Fleet tells you landmarks.
Our tracking software can track anytime with Live Tracking and History Playback.


Our FREE software can generate daily, weekly, or monthly reports with parameters such as number of trips, distance, trip time, idle time, fuel consumed. Useful for fleet owners’ monitoring.

Geo-fencing & Route

Geo-fencing is imperative for owners of larger fleets. Oftentimes fleet owners find that their drivers are going off route to steal gas, goods and even spare tires from the vehicles they drive. With our geo-fencing and route setting, we keep pilferage to a minimum.

Safety & Security

Our GPS/GSM trackers enable users to monitor and set Speed Limits, notifying the user if the limit has been breached. One feature of our tracker is the Motion Alarm. Users will be notified right away should any outside force (attempted break-in, vehicle collision) come into contact with your vehicle.


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