Tramigo Accessories

Professional Add-ons for better Vehicle and Fleet management.

More Data.
Better Statistics.
Additional Functions.

Advanced Functionality

Tramigo has a rich selection of connectors and Accessories to meet the most advanced needs such as Digital, Analog, Audio, and One-Wire interface. This enables Tramigo to be embedded with external sensors and control such as Fuel Sensor and Vehicle Immobilizer.

More Options

The T23 Fleet comes with a wide array of professional accessories that you can choose from. These are not included in our standard package as oftentimes clients don’t find the need for such accessories.

Quality Guaranteed.

Our accessories have undergone thorough development, and just like our tracker, it is built to last. Contact us for further inquiries.


List of Accessories

Driver Identification

Used to determine the driver behind the wheel.

Each driver is given the blue magnetic piece on (A) which they then have to stick on to the receiver (B). Whoever is monitoring the vehicle will now know who’s currently driving.

Temperature Sensor

Used to monitor temperatures within the vehicle.

2 sensors are installed to monitor the temperature inside the vehicle. Extremely useful for those who transport perishable goods.


Used to listen-in on driver conversation.

A microphone is attached to each of our trackers that allows whoever is monitoring the vehicle to listen-in on driver conversation. Keep in mind that you can only listen to the driver, nothing more. Meant to be discreet.

Emergency Button (SOS)

Used to send distress signal.

An S.O.S button is attached to the steering wheel of a vehicle. Should the driver need immediate aid, he can simply press the button. This will then send a distress call to whoever is monitoring the vehicle.

Door Sensor

Used to detect the opening and closing of a vehicle door.

The door sensor can be attached to one door. Most clients who take the door sensor are armored trucks/banks. Whenever a door is opened, the exact location and time will be sent to whoever is monitoring the vehicle. Important for fleet owners to know where their vehicles’ doors were opened.

Engine Immobilizer

Used to prevent the vehicle’s engine from starting.

This goes hand in hand with the motion alarm. Assume that someone has broken into your vehicle. You always have the option to immobilize your vehicle’s engine from your cellphone to ensure that the thief doesn’t escape with your vehicle. You can re-activate the engine by sending a simple text to the tracker.