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    The most advanced yet amazingly affordable tracking device for
    private vehicle security and tracking applications

What is Tramigo?

Tramigo is a GPS/GSM Tracking device for advanced vehicle security and tracking application. Perfect for your private vehicles – motorcycles included.

Promote good driving habits and Protect your Family & Investment with Tramigo.

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Promote Good Driving Habits

With Tramigo, you can be comfortable knowing that the person (family or friend) driving your car is hitting the road safely. Tramigo does not only provide real-time location updates right from your smartphone or tablet, but you’re also able to receive alerts the moment they exceed any speed limit you select or have gone to a different destination than what they’ve said. If they’re running late, you can easily determine their location.
For many parents, this device can give them peace of mind. It gives them the ability to call and check upon the exact whereabouts of a car that is being driven by a child without directly interfering with their plans.

Encourage good driving habits with Tramigo.

Protect your Investment

In the year 2015, a total of 10,039 car thefts have been reported in the Philippines. That’s more than 27 cars stolen per day and 80% of those, or 22 cars per day, occurred in Metro Manila alone. A grim reality that involves one of your hard earned investments.
With Tramigo Motion Alarm, prevent before it happens (with Vehicle Immobilizer) or get notified immediately via SMS. Together with the proper authorities, easily track your stolen vehicle with Tramigo Landmarks. You can rest easy knowing that Tramigo can work reliably both offline and online. You don’t want to rely on cheap substandard trackers which might fail at crucial times, choose Tramigo, backed with 10+ years of research and made with the highest grade components with lowest defect rate in the industry.

A small price to pay for complete peace of mind.


Press the Panic Button!

But what if you are involved in a carjacking situation? When all else fails, Press the Panic Button and help will be summoned.

Panic button can also be used when you experienced mechanical failure or an accident and stuck in the middle of nowhere. Press the Panic Button, and you and your car can be easily located.


FREE Software Package to manage your Vehicles!

Tramigo M1 Move enables you to monitor your vehicles at the privacy of your mobile device. Available for Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Java, and Symbian.

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