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Tramigo T23 Fleet

The T23 Fleet can be used in any vehicle- motorcycles included. Our trackers are built to last, with an estimated life span of 8+ years. We offer the most comprehensive trackers on the market for the most demanding tracking and security needs.
The basic package includes free installation (within Metro Manila) and a 2 year warranty.
All software and updates are FREE of charge.







Key Features:
  • Accurate GPS Positioning with GPRS & GSM
  • GPS Anti-Jamming
  • Motion Detection
  • Ignition Detection
  • Tramigo Landmarks
  • Geo-fencing
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Live Tracking & History Playback

Our trackers enable users to monitor the exact location of their vehicle at any time. By sending simple commands to each tracker, you can pinpoint the whereabouts of your vehicle using our unique mapping software.

The map pictured to the left (click image to expand) shows where our demo unit was from September 30, 2016 to October 10, 2016. You can set the date as far back as you’d like thanks to the built-in memory chip in our trackers. As an example, say you were abroad from October 1 through October 5. You can always see where your vehicle traveled during those selected dates. Point A shows where the vehicle traveled to while Point B shows the speed and direction the vehicle was moving.

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The reports tab on our free software shows a number of different reports that can be generated on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. The parameters can be set easily by the user.

The reports tab is pictured to the left (click image to expand). Selected are 2 different units that show the total number of trips as well as trip distance. This is extremely important for owners of large fleets as they need to know when their next oil change is, maintenance, etc…

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Geo-fencing & Route Setting

Geo-fencing is imperative for owners of larger fleets. Oftentimes fleet owners find that their drivers are going off route to steal gas, goods and even spare tires from the vehicles they drive. With our geo-fencing and route setting, we keep pilferage to a minimum.

From the map shown on the left (click image to expand)., we can see where a particular vehicle traveled for a delivery run. The blue line indicates the path the driver took, whereas Points A and B show the starting location and ending location of the vehicle, respectively.

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Safety & Security

With regards to safety, our trackers enable users to monitor and set speed limits. For example, you set the speed limit to 80kph. Once the vehicle breaches this threshold, the tracker will notify the user right away. The security aspect of our tracker is the motion alarm. Should any outside force come into contact with your vehicle (forced break-in, hard knock on your vehicle), the user will be notified right away on their mobile phone or device of choice.

(click image on the left for preview)

T23 Fleet is designed for the most advanced and professional fleet and vehicle management.

Due to its high level of security and many features, Tramigo is the choice for vehicles such as:
  • Government Vehicles
  • Armored Trucks
  • Construction Trucks
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Delivery Trucks
  • Private Cars
  • Rental Cars
  • Taxis
  • Buses
Learn more how Tramigo’s multiple features benefit both individual vehicles and fleets alike.
Individual UseFleet Management

Embedded Intelligence

What makes Tramigo stand out from its competitors?

It’s powerfully developed Embedded Intelligence which interacts with the user in an intuitive and effective way.
Tramigo Landmarks

Landmark data for easy location even when maps are unavailable. Instead of numbers, landmark info is given. 1000+ personal landmarks (such as home, school, office, etc.) can also be uploaded.


Configuration of your Tramigo after installation is incredibly easy and can be achieved with one single command that optimizes your Tramigo once and for all.

Trip Report

Save expenses and time by monitoring accurately all the vehicles in your fleet. Get Trip Statistics data based on how long, when, and where the vehicles have been used. Trip Progress can be monitored based on the cities or other landmarks as checkpoints.


Tramigo is the only tracker offering an amazingly easy and powerful way to setup allowed zones for your vehicles. You can choose city, province, or circular zones. Desired alarm actions such as engine shutdown can be engaged if the vehicle is about to cross the border. You can even record a desired route as your drive and Tramigo will take action if the vehicle goes off the designated route.

Power Reporting

Improved power management includes reliable and real-time reporting in case of battery draining or disconnection of the device or backup battery. It’s almost impossible to remove Tramigo without triggering an alarm.

Driving Habits

Condition of your vehicles and reduced fuel costs are essential to every vehicle owner. Best way to control them is to monitor the driving habits and Speed Limits with Tramigo. Save fuel and minimize accident risks using the Harsh Braking feature or Trigger the siren when the speed limits are exceeded. Idle Alarm will detect and report running engines when vehicle is not moving. For example, when driver is taking a nap and using the aircon.

System Status

Incredibly powerful way to collect big data from your vehicles and make statistics on just about everything. Fully customizable.

Periodic Reporting

Periodic reporting based on time, distance traveled, and heading change.


Full Online and Offline functionality in one device.

Gather more data and add more functionality using

Professional Tramigo Accessories

Tramigo has a rich selection of connectors and Accessories to meet the most advanced needs such as Digital, Analog, Audio, and One-Wire interface. These are not included in our standard package as oftentimes clients don’t find the need for such accessories.

icona_white_sosSOS Button

icona_white_doorDoor sensor

Vehicle Immobilizer

icona_white_alarmAlarm Siren

icona_white_fuelFuel Sensor

icona_white_voltageVoltage Sensor

icona_white_idDriver ID

Temperature Sensor

Hands-free and Remote Listening

External GPS


Full Software Package to manage your Vehicle or Fleet, for FREE!

Tramigo T23 Fleet comes with all the software you need to monitor your vehicles at your control center or from the privacy of your mobile device. Available for Windows, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Java, and Symbian.

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Technical Specifications

Hardware Specifications

Size: 130 mm x 60 mm x 26 mm
Weight: 165 g (with battery), 125 g (without battery)


SiRF 4 based GPS module, Telit JF2
Internal antenna, external optional
Cold Start: <35 s, Hot start: 1 s
Signal strength acquisition -147 dBm, tracking -163 dBm


850/900/1800/1900 Sierra Wireless Wismo 228
Internal antenna
Multi slot class 10, Terminal B


USB – micro USB – power and data input/output
2.5 mm jack – microphone, handsfree kit optional
GPIO – Molex 43045-1200
2 power, 2 ground, 4 digital inputs,
2 digital outputs, 1 analog input and 1-wire interface supporting multiple sensors
GPS – fakra connector


Operating -20 to +80 °C
Charging 0 to +45 °C


Input Voltage 6 – 32 DC
3.7 V, 1300 mAh, Li-Polymer inbuilt replaceable backup battery
Charging through USB or DC supply input
Typical power consumption 40-90 mA, standby 1 mA


Remote listen function
Speed dialing to 3 pre-programmed numbers